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For SKYBERRIES 2018 we organized the Call for Projects competition. Participants were asked to submit a poster that showcases their achievements in the international vertical and urban farming sector. We invited the competitors to bring their poster to our SKYBERRIES conference in order to present their project, to raise awareness and gain recognition for their endeavours.

The following criteria were important during the selection process and eventually for the jury to choose the winner:

  • Social impact, inclusion and co-creation – citizens and urban farming/gardening
  • Green productive building skins of the future – all about rooftop and living wall gardening/farming
  • Green productive urban spaces for farms/gardens – enhancing urban planning potentials
  • Getting more inclusive – sustainable production and circular systems
  • Food policy for local politics – specific regulations and incentives

We are very grateful for the many projects that were submitted. There was a wide range of interesting posters to choose from and it took the jury much consultation in order to come to her final verdict. We are very proud to present the nominees and the winner of the SKYBERRIES AWARD 2018!

Please be aware that we might organize a similar event during next year’s conference. Again we hope to receive many interesting proposals, which will contribute to make food production part of our daily urban life again.



For their outstanding work which promotes the installation of greening systems as part of the daily education for children in Austrian schools. We commend this project for its potential of training the future generations into creating a sustainable, green and energy efficient urban living environment.