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SKYBERRIES vertical farming conference

February 28th – March 2nd 2018
Vienna Austria: MESSE WIEN, Exhibition & Congress Center

The international conference SKYBERRIES explores the emerging topic of vertical farming for the first time in the German-speaking region. Successful urban farmers, scientists and pioneers meet in Vienna to discuss the future of agriculture. SKYBERRIES is part of the URBAN FUTURE global conference – we expect 3,000 participants on the venue who are committed to drive change in making cities more sustainable. 

More than 30 high profile speakers will present and discuss the challenges of food security and opportunities offered by Vertical Farming. These presentations will range from the status quo of research in vertical agriculture to science fiction, from sociology to economy, from science to realization. Participants can look forward to insights into realized vertical farms, economical aspects and socio-political dimensions of vertical farming as well as specific insights for their own companies.

We are looking forwards to contributions by Dickson Despommier („The Vertical Farm“), Saskia Sassen (“global city”), Daniel Podmirseg (vertical farm institute), Franz Fischler (European Forum Alpbach), as well as representatives of FAO, Spread Farms, Vertical Harvest, Valoya, Sanlight, Transsolar and many more.

Standard Ticket: € 600,-
Discounted Ticket: € 300,-
Partner Ticket: € 400,-

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Pressphoto: Daniel Podmirseg (2017 photo by Ann-Birgit Achleitner / Copyright: vertical farm institute)

Photo: Daniel Podmirseg (2017) by Ann-Birgit Achleitner
© vertical farm institute

Portrait Franz Fischler (C) Credit: Philipp Naderer

Photo: Franz Fischler
© Philipp Naderer

Portrait Saskia Sassen

Photo: Saskia Sassen

Photo: Dickson Despommier 2010 © CC BY 2.0 Joi Ito

Pressphoto: Planned vertical farm "Pixel" Tabakfabrik Linz at day (Copyright 2017 vertical farm institute)

Picture: Planned vertical farm “Pixel” in Tabakfabrik Linz (2017)
© vertical farm institute

Pressphoto: Planned vertical farm "Pixel" Tabakfabrik Linz at night (Copyright 2017 vertical farm institute)

Picture: Planned vertical farm “Pixel” in Tabakfabrik Linz /night (2017)
© vertical farm institute

Pressephoto: Ruthner tower 1963, Langenlois (Copyright 1963: Stadt Wien, MA42)

Photo: First Ruthner Tower, built 1963 in Langenlois
© Stadt Wien, MA 42 (1963)

Pressphoto: Ruthner tower 1964, Kurpark Oberlaa (Copyright 2016: vertical farm institute)

Photo: Ruthner tower 1974, Kurpark Oberlaa
© 2016 vertical farm institute